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  • Every year, an estimated 22.6 million patients worldwide suffer from neurological disorders or injuries that warrant the expertise of a neurosurgeon.


  • Every 40 seconds, someone has a stroke - ischemic strokes account for approximately 87% of all incidents.


  • An estimated 13.8 million Neurovascular procedures are performed worldwide every year resulting in a cost of approximately 67 billion dollars.


  • Inadequate Surgical Devices can result in repetitive procedures, ineffective treatment and the needless loss of human life.


  • A skilled Neurosurgeon is dependent on the availability of insufficient, out-dated devices to attempt difficult procedures.

Ischemic Stroke.png

Obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood
to the brain

Ischemic Stroke

Hemorrhagic Stroke.png

Weakened vessel ruptures and bleeds into the surrounding brain.

Blood accumulates

and compresses the

surrounding brain tissue

Hemorrhagic Stroke

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